I support people who feel overwhelmed. Because of their current life situation. Or because they are too busy. People with too many liabilities, too much hustle and bustle. They spend all their energy to fulfill their duties - in their job or in private life. Or the current life challenge is taking up all resources. 

People who very often also feel responsible for the mental or emotional state of others - be it family members, co-workers, clients. And - of course - there’s everyday life that wants to be dealt with.


They manage to do it all but pay a price: their personal needs, desires, and interests are left behind. Real joy and the feeling of ease is often just a concept than a feeling. 


Very often, I work with people who perform brilliantly. They know how to be good at things, how to succeed, how to handle a great deal of tasks in a short amount of time. How to comply with deadlines and how to support others who may need their professional or private support. 


I was one of them owning an event management company in Spain for ten years. At first, there was the challenge of settling - in all necessary ways - in another country.

After a while that was sorted out and the business was running - and so was I. Always the first to show up in the office, always the last to leave. Weekends basically didn’t exist. If something was needed - regardless whether it was an emergency or not - I would do it. 


I was proud of dealing with all that - and at the same time exhausted. The acknowledgement felt great - and at the same time I was wondering, how much energy I had left. The fast pace gave me adrenaline - and at the same time my body complained through chronic back pain and neck tension. Not to mention sleepless nights and being in my head all the time - running through thoughts endlessly.  

I got my wake up call when my chronic back ache turned out to be due to a herniated disc and doctors strongly suggested surgery. That was the moment I knew that it was enough. I knew, there needed to be a solution for me to continue my life without physical self exploitation and with more inner peace. Yes, I was an active person - and still am. Yes I enjoyed working - and still do. But I decided that (work) life had to look different for me. I committed to find a way to keep performing in my professional life but make it health friendly, stimulating and fulfilling, easy and light, heart-felt and (self)loving. 


And I succeeded. 


Fast forward: I dove deep into personal growth, healing the roots of what had caused me to be obsessively driven. I dove deep into the nervous system and it’s ways of regulating. I dove deep into self awareness. And got my magical toolbox for coping - no, even more: SELF LEADING! 

End of story: I changed my career and to the day I am still thanking myself for that decision. 


Today, I help people like you to achieve the same. A (work) life with commitment but without personal suffering.


It gives me deep joy to see my clients empower themselves to change in that way. It is possible and you can do it too! 


Since you have read up to this point, I suppose that something in you is looking for ease, release and guiding support. Let’s talk about possibilities. 

hallo@koradierichs.de    0176 619 855 64

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