Maybe you know the feeling of being stressed and just "functioning" in life? Maybe your body even reacts with tension, stiffness or even pain?


That was true for my life during the 10 years I owned a event managing company. Always available, juggling several projects at a time, working looong hours and weekends. As a bonus I got chronic back pain and sleepless nights.


Luckily, I was guided back to myself and to wellbeing. I started practicing Yoga, did a Yoga Teacher Training and completed a movement based therapy training in the USA. Since then I work as a Movement and Mindset Coach. 


I am Kora Dierichs and I help people to bring more awareness and ease in their life. To swap from "chasing after" to perceiving and creating.


I do this a lot on a physical level because our body is the expression of our habits. It is maneuvered by the brain and all the information that is stored there. At the same time, the body send feedback to the brain. Fortunately this communication is plastic (=adaptable) and can be improved if needed. 


We use gentle movement sequences that my clients explore following my verbal instructions. It's not sports at all. It's a curious exploration of slow movement that anybody is able to do. Also, I give treatments to my clients so that - with the help of my hands - they can experience tension releasing and body awareness increasing.


In addition to that I include "food for thought" to encourage my clients to investigate and update their thoughts and feelings, too. 


With these tools I create a safe container for my client to transition to more ease and self-empowerment.


I love supporting my clients patiently, compassionately and with the highes level of presence so that they can make the changes in life that they wish to see. My clients learn how to be more flexibel - on a physical level but also in their mental and emotional patterns. They become more resilient.


Words can't express well enough. It's about awareness and individual perception. Nothing is better than personal experience. Book your starter package or visit us in one of the online lessons.    0176 619 855 64

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